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August 18, 2008

Partial Differential Equations through Examples and Exercises (Texts in the Mathematical Sciences)

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This book examines the complicated subject of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). It involves the reader throughout by presenting theory, examples and exercises together. Both the classical and abstract aspects of the theory are dealt with, so that, for example, classical and generalised solutions in Sobolev and distribution spaces are treated. Most of the work is devoted to second or higher order PDEs; part of the distribution theory is included, covering Dirac’s delta distribution delta function. Many practical tools are offered for solving important problems with the basic three PDEs, namely the wave equation, the Laplace equation, the heat equation and their generalisations. The majority of the problems are mathematical in character, though often physical interpretations are given.
Audience: This volume is intended for undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, physics technology and economics interested in PDEs for modelling complex systems
  • Hardcover: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 31, 1997)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0792347242
  • ISBN-13: 978-0792347248
  • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 inches

Tôi có bản copy của sách này…


  1. Link? It is available on gigapedia???

    Comment by doanchi — August 19, 2008 @ 5:04

  2. Khi nào có thời gian, chú scan đám sách này nhé, nếu dễ scan. Good luck 🙂

    Comment by doanchi — November 8, 2008 @ 3:58

  3. thầy ơi, thầy có bản điện tử của cuốn này ko ạ, nếu có thầy có thể send qua địa chỉ mail : cho em xin được không ạ. Em xin cảm ơn thầy nhiều

    Comment by dodaichi — February 10, 2011 @ 22:30

    • Ô không có bản điện tử em ạ, không rõ google có không, em thử search đi.

      Comment by Ngô Quốc Anh — February 10, 2011 @ 22:31

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