Ngô Quốc Anh

September 10, 2010

MuPAD: Drawing a surface with a line on

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I took me years to figure out how did we plot such a picture in this entry. Thanks to MuPAD, we can do it quite easily. What I got is the following

Firstly, we need to choose a function which has a mountain-pass shape. Thank to a special solution to the Toda system considered in this entry, we can choose

\displaystyle u(z) = \log \frac{{4\left( {1 + 4{{\left| z \right|}^2} + {{\left| {{z^2} + 2z} \right|}^2}} \right)}}{{{{\left( {1 + {{\left| {z + 1} \right|}^2} + {{\left| {{z^2}} \right|}^2}} \right)}^2}}}, \quad z \in \mathbb R^2.


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