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April 8, 2011

100k hits

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Hello everyone,

This is a great news and I should share this immediately :D!

My blog has just gone through 100,000 hits at this moment :). I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in my blog, for your suggestion, for your beautiful comments, and for everything…

As can be seen, I have started using this wordpress blog since May, 2007. However, there was not much information here until the time I came to Singapore to pursue my PhD degree. That was August, 2008. During this period of time, I have learnt much and of course I have some spare time to write down things that I think it may be useful.

A bit for the future, I will keep writing things that I usually face during my mathematics career. Further than that, it totally depends on how much time I will have. Anyway, please do enjoy what we have here.

Again, thank you and have a nice day :),

Ngo Quoc Anh.

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